The Three Reasons Your House Isn't Selling And What To Do About It!

News at Justin Lloyd | 25/08/2023

As you put your property on the market for sale, your mind is swimming with anticipation. How long will it take to sell? Which property will become your next family home? The possibilities and excitement build until, eventually, your launch day to the market arrives, and you see your home on the websites. You wait patiently for the phone to ring with viewing requests as you read through the comments on the agent's social media pages. But, by the end of the day, nothing. It feels like an anticlimax.

Maybe the buyers just haven't had time to arrange viewings yet; they could need to get childcare or arrange time off work, so you keep the hope that tomorrow is a new day and the viewing appointments are bound to come flooding in. 

This build-up of anticipation and resulting anticlimax is a rollercoaster; before long, you will feel dejected. You won't wake up daily to excitedly check your emails and see if there are viewings. You will simply get on with your day. You will walk down your path at the front of your home, and the for sale board will stand there proudly as a constant reminder that you are trying very hard to sell your house but, so far, without success. 


So, what can you do to turn this around? How can you make your property appeal to potential buyers when the market is a little tricky, and there are not as many buyers to go around?


  1. Presentation - How your property is presented is crucial in a buyer's decision to come and view. If your photography puts them off, then they will simply skip it. Ensure your home is presented well, clutter is cleared, and everything is clean and tidy. This will make your home seem bigger and allow the viewers to see the property, not just your stuff. 

  2. Price - Price is a significant consideration for buyers, and they will be able to gauge which properties are slightly overpriced after investing time in their search. Buyers will view properties within their price bracket, so they will quickly build up a knowledge of the local market within that bracket, and if a property is a little overpriced, it will stand out to them. Make sure that you have based your price on evidence of recent sales of similar properties. The market has changed, and the sky-high prices of previous years are just not holding up. Be realistic and place your property in the correct price bracket.

  3. Promotion - How is the property being promoted? Is your agent utilising all channels to promote your property, showcasing it to the correct audience and ensuring broad market coverage? The key is to ensure that as many of the right buyers for your property are aware of the property being available for sale. Your strategy should target the right buyers in as many ways as possible to ensure they have seen it. 


If your property is presented beautifully, priced correctly and marketed to ensure the target audience will see it, the viewing appointments should start rolling in. You can't force a viewer to make an offer, but if they see that your property could be perfect for them, they will surely fall head over heels in love with it once they are through the door and can envisage their own lives in your property. 


If you need any help with marketing your property and getting those all-important viewing appointments, contact our property experts today for more information about how they can help you.