Thinking of Selling to Release Equity?

News at Justin Lloyd | 06/03/2023

Somewhat going hand in hand with downsizing, releasing equity from your property can be a compelling reason to sell. If the value of your home has gone up and you have been paying off, or perhaps paid off your mortgage, you could sell the property and release all of that lovely equity that you've built up.

But, you will need to live somewhere, so this will only work if you buy something cheaper than what you've sold. This may mean looking for a smaller home or buying in a more affordable location.

Equity release is not so much an emotional decision as a logical one. It takes a lot of logical thinking to sell your home purely for financial gain when the repercussions are that you will have to buy a less valuable property than you've sold. But this often works very well for those who love to renovate properties as a hobby. Buying beaten up, old, run-down homes and restoring them to their former glory. Then selling up and buying the next project, releasing the equity they've built up and pocketing any profits before starting the next restoration. 

We are also seeing many people sell currently who own an an investment property; especially if they have had the property many years and have little, or no, mortgage. Brighton and Hove, and the surrounding area, is a hugely popular location and always draws new buyers from outside the area. This, along with a constant volume of residents already living in the city wanting to upsize or downsize, means good quality property is always sought after and prices remain at a premium - good news for anyone looking to sell to release equity.

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