Top tips to make the most of the new year rush if you are planning a house move in 2023

News at Justin Lloyd | 20/12/2022

We all do it. Every year we overfill our schedule in the run-up to Christmas. Children's school commitments, staff parties, gift shopping - there's just so much to do. 


The result of this hectic to-do list is that those tasks that are not urgent or time-sensitive are pushed into the future. Tasks are compartmentalised into either BEFORE Christmas or AFTER Christmas deadlines. 


If you are considering moving house, there is a strong chance that it is not a particularly urgent move, and you will push this to the AFTER Christmas category. 


This is a common thought, and many people planning a move in 2023 will be nodding their heads as they read this. Of course, you don't have time to have viewings when trying to peel potatoes and wrap presents. But, if lots of you are nodding whilst reading this, that means there may be lots of properties coming onto the market simultaneously in the new year. 


Why would you want all of that competition for your house sale?


Suppose for a moment that there is a different way. 


Bring the marketing of the property to the top of your festive to-do list. By getting your property valued before you prepare for Christmas, the agent can prepare everything in advance. If you don't mind delaying putting the tree and decorations up, have the photography and brochures done in readiness. 


Because so many sellers compartmentalise their 'things to do' and push the home's marketing to next year's tasks, estate agents are very busy in January. 


But there is a way to hack the system. Let me tell you more…


Because you and many other sellers are waiting until after the new year to start thinking about a move, many buyers are doing the same thing. A phenomenal number of potential home movers gravitate towards property websites immediately after Christmas. When the wrapping paper is tidied away, and you've reached the bottom of that box of Christmas chocolates, the in-between days from Christmas to New Year could easily see you finding the property websites for a bit of scrolling.


And what properties will these curious scrollers see? 


Year after year, Rightmove report that the busiest day on their platform for traffic is Boxing Day. But if the new sellers come onto the market a few weeks into the new year, the boxing day viewers will not see many properties. 


If you're planning on waiting until mid-January to put your property on the market, these buyers won't see your house. They might have booked their viewings for early in the New Year and made an offer on something else before you've got your photographs done.


But imagine for a moment that you were prepared ahead of time. You had your property valuations in December. You had the photography and video footage filmed before you put the decorations up. And you approved the marketing materials with the agents, all ahead of time. 


And then you wait... 


You get on with your special Christmas festivities. You go to the nativity plays and the switching on of the town lights. Shopping and wrapping gifts. You peel your spuds and sprouts and cook the turkey. You enjoy family time and Christmas in peace. 


Meanwhile, your agent is working away in the background. Before they close the office for Christmas, they will press the magic button and launch your property to the market, ready for those boxing day scrollers to see your property as a brand new listing.


Only the most proactive, time-efficient sellers that use this busy market period to full effect will benefit from these early searchers. And the other sellers that decided to wait until the new year to have their properties valued and put on the market may have missed the boat. 


Why not use the time before the Christmas break to get ahead so that you are ready to move and get the property on the market in January?


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