Unhappy with your letting agent? Find out why you should switch today

News at Justin Lloyd | 02/08/2022

Letting agents are a lot like banks. Once a landlord has signed up with an agent, they often don't change; it's too much hassle.

When the agent is so entwined with the legal paperwork and the tenancy, it's easier to leave things as they are.

But this can mean that many landlords are tied to an agent they're unhappy with. 

Whether it's a lack of communication, maintenance problems or rent arrears, a landlord will put up with a lot before reaching their final straw and switching to a new agent. 

If a landlord is deeply unhappy because something has been mishandled or mismanaged, they'll put themselves through the drama of switching agents. But only if they are at the end of their tether. 

Otherwise, they'll put up with poor service and, rather than upsetting the applecart, will wait until the tenancy ends. A natural breakpoint when the tenant leaves creates an opportunity to switch to a new 'better' agent.

This isn't really good enough, is it?

A letting agent should be able to provide excellence, professionalism, knowledge and expert advice on handling your rental investment. 

Anything short of this shouldn't be tolerated. 

And in reality, switching agents isn't so bad.

You shouldn't feel that you have to wait until the tenancy ends or something awful happens to switch.

If you feel that the service that you've received has been anything short of incredible, you should be able to change agents.

Of course, a contract between you and your agent will be in place, and you should double-check this. There may be a notice period that you have to give or a fee to pay to end the agreement mid-tenancy. 

A new agent will gladly handle the changeover for you, collecting the paperwork and transferring the deposit funds. They'll arrange to meet your tenant and check the property to ensure everything's okay and will renew any paperwork that needs to be updated.

It's actually much easier to change than you might think.

Chat with the agent you're considering using, and tell them your main concerns. Ask them how they'll handle these issues, to improve your experience and alleviate your stresses moving forward. 

Once you've selected the agent to move to, you can inform your current agent of your intention to change and start the process.

A simple phone call should suffice if the tenant is still in situ. Inform them that you are changing agents and reassure them that their occupancy in the property will not be impacted in any way. Then, ensure they change their rent payment to the new agent, and voila! 

The managing agent is changed, no muss, no fuss. 

And you can sit back and relax, knowing that your rental property is being looked after properly and you have no cause for concern.

If you have a rental property under management and are not 100% happy, get in touch to discuss your options with our expert team.