All in the Detail

Here at Justin Lloyd we like to give the best service possible.  Service to us means a host items that we like to offer to each of our clients, just as a matter of course.  No extra fees, no small print, just what we believe you deserve.

  • Professional photography.  Our dedicated team have all been trained by a professional photographer. We use a top of the range Nikon SLR camera (no mobile phone snaps here!) complete with tripod, to ensure the photos are the best quality possible.  Because the team have all experienced in house training, it also means that you do not have to wait for a specific appointment from a third party - making it even more convenient.  We believe that in the world of online advertising, the photos we take are one of the key elements to ensuring the best price or the best tenant for your property.
  • Floorplans.  Also come as standard for our sales properties at no extra cost to you. Once more this is key, as many purchasers need to see the layout of the property to best understand how they can place their furniture.  This is even more important in empty properties as there is no guideline from the sellers own furniture placement and sometimes it can be hard to remember small details from the viewing.
  • Glossy brochures.  This might be a little old hat but it’s still a really nice touch! Remember back to the time you bought your last home – how many hours did you pour over the brochure trying to imagine your new life there?  Plus, it’s a lovely memento, and in some cases, a brilliant before and after!
  • Recruitment.  This might sound a strange detail to mention, however we at Justin Lloyd think this is one of the single most important factors to getting the best customer experience.  We believe that our staff are the best in Brighton, with excellent training, a true property background (even on a personal level) and we always understand that this is a hugely stressful but exciting time for all of our clients.